4 Brands Changing the Way We Have Our Coffee

Brands Bringing the Coffee Innovation

Daniel Dixon

Daniel Dixon

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Coffee lovers will forever swear by their blend, however these great coffee brands bring a twist to your daily mug. And no, we're not talking about instant pods, instant coffee, or instant anything. If you’re looking to spice up your morning brew and also save yourself a trip to the store, these companies are no-brainers.

Jot - Concentrate your coffee

When it comes to the way people drink coffee, Jot is truly changing the game. Jot sells a unique coffee concentrate made with only two ingredients: coffee beans and water.
The folks at Jot use an innovative extraction process to convert coffee beans into a liquid that is 20x more concentrated than traditional coffee. The end result is what they call Ultra Coffee, which they describe as “pure coffee” that can be transformed into any kind of beverage (Americano, cappuccino, espresso, etc.).
Each bottle of Jot’s Ultra Coffee contains 14 servings. You can purchase one bottle at a time, or save money and get free shipping with a double- or triple-bottle order.

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Dripkit - #nobadcoffeedays

Dripkit takes all the guesswork out of coffee preparation so there are no bad coffee days for any of their customers. The company delivers pre-ground and pre-measured packets of pour-over coffee directly to your door. All you have to do is add hot water and you’ll have a delicious cup of coffee that’s ready to drink in seconds.
Dripkit sells a variety of delicious coffees, including light, medium, and dark roasts. They also sell specialty blends from major coffee brands like Stumptown and Verve.
You can order Dripkit pour-over coffee in individual packages or try their variety pack. They offer three-, six-, and twelve-month gift subscriptions as well.

Blue Bottle Coffee - May we bring you coffee?

Blue Bottle Coffee delivers high-quality coffee beans and coffee-brewing supplies straight to your door. They offer coffee blends, single origins, and espressos that have all been sourced by hand from ethical and sustainable coffee farms.
Blue Bottle Coffee’s coffee beans are roasted to order and then shipped within 48 hours to ensure every cup you enjoy is as fresh as possible. They also give customers full control over their coffee deliveries, from the frequency to the type of coffee they receive.
The company offers subscriptions for several different coffee products, from decaf to espresso. Customers can also choose a half-bag, standard bag, double-bag, or triple-bag.

Spinn Coffee - Quality coffee made easy

Spinn Coffee is a digital marketplace that connects customers with local coffee roasters and delivers the beans right to their customers.
Spinn isn’t just here to provide delicious coffee beans, though. They also have the goal of revolutionizing the coffee-brewing process. Spinn’s app-powered coffeemaker is a one-of-a-kind technological work of art that brews incredible coffee for an incomparable experience.
Created with the help of a community of roasters and baristas, Spinn allows you to create a delicious cup of coffee even when you’re out of the kitchen with the help of its handy app. These tools, combined with Spinn’s top-notch coffee options, provide you with everything you need to level up your coffee game.

Whether you prefer a light or dark roast, cappuccino or americano, there’s always room for a slight change to your favorite drink. Check these brands out today to learn more about what they have to offer or to try their takes on coffee. Who knows, they could bring the new way of enjoying coffee that's perfect for you and your preferences.
Daniel Dixon

Daniel Dixon