Try Before You Buy with these Five Amazing Brands

It just tastes better when it's free

Daniel Dixon

Daniel Dixon

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Try Before You Buy with these Five Amazing Brands
Have you ever seen an ad for something and been interested in it, but also hesitant about spending your hard-earned money on a product or subscription you might not end up loving? If this feels familiar to you, we have good news.
There are lots of online brands out there that are willing to send you products straight to your door, for free (or a few bucks for shipping). Check out what they have to offer completely risk-free, and see what you do or don’t want to buy again.
Our list below has some awesome brands that offer free trials of their products.

Verb Energy

Verb Energy is changing the game when it comes to energy bars. Each bar contains the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso.
Verb Energy bars do a great job of increasing your energy and helping you power through a workout or that afternoon slump at the office. With just 90 calories per bar, it’s the perfect pre-workout snack or afternoon pick-me-up that won’t destroy your diet.
Verb allows you to sample their bars for free before you commit to a regular subscription, too. Sign up online for a free trial and they’ll send you four bars: Coconut Chai, Maple Blueberry, Salted Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Latte. All you have to pay is $3.95 for shipping. You can cancel via text at any time, too.


What’s better than healthy snacks? Healthy snacks delivered straight to your door, that’s what!
Graze provides you with a monthly box delivered to your doorstep for easy snacking. All Graze snacks are made without high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or genetically engineered ingredients. You can feel good about eating these snacks whenever a craving hits.
Graze gives you a chance to try their snacks risk-free, too. Sign up on their website for a free sample box.


Razors and shaving products are some of those annoying products that everyone needs but everyone seems to forget to buy (until they’re desperately in need of a shave, that is). If you’re tired of running out of these products and having to settle for low-quality options, Harry’s is a great option to check out.
Harry’s makes incredible, highly durable razors, as well as shaving cream and other shaving accessories, and sends them straight to you. You can order their free trial pack today to see if Harry’s is the right option for you.
The pack comes with a razor and blade, foaming shave gel, and a travel blade cover. It should last about two weeks, which is plenty of time for you to test it out and see what you think!

Fetching Fields

Why should you get all the good stuff? Let your pup in on the fun. Fetching Fields makes human grade, certified organic, plant-based foods for your canine. Their packaging and product looks so good however, you might think it's food for you!
Fetching Fields is confident that your furry friend will love their treats so much that they'll send you a few for free (just pay shipping). Even if you have a picky eater pup, there's no risk with this deal since it's just a few dollars.
Each bar is themed after one of your dog's favorite pastimes. The "Sit, Stay", the "Trekking Tails", and the "On Vacay" are all sure to be a win. Be sure to checkout their artisanal-inspired dog bowls as well, sure to be a great asset to your Instagram-worthy kitchen decor!

So you like to try before you buy?
Get five $20 gift cards to five brands for $39


If you love trying out new beauty and skincare products, Birchbox is for you. Every month, you’ll receive a box of beauty and skincare samples to your front door. This is the perfect option if you want to experiment with new brands without having to spend a fortune on products that might not work for you.
Fair warning, this requires a few steps. When you sign up for a six-month membership, Birchbox will send you a free trial box. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the first month, too, so you don’t have to commit to the full six months if you don’t want to.

As you can see, there are tons of awesome brands out there that will let you try their products essentially for free. There’s no risk, and you get to experience some incredible products and see which ones you want to start using on a regular basis.
Check out some of these brands today and give their products a try. You might just find a new favorite!
Daniel Dixon

Daniel Dixon