Get Your Chocolate Fix on Any Diet

Don't Let Your Sweet Tooth Starve

Daniel Dixon

Daniel Dixon

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Get Your Chocolate Fix on Any Diet
Just because you're on a diet does not mean that your sweet tooth needs to starve. You started your diet for a reason: it's the new year, the wedding is coming up, your CrossFit box swears by it, you're on a 30-day challenge with friends, or you're just finally decided to do something about what the mirror is telling you.
So you research *cough* on YouTube *cough*, clear out the kitchen, and then head to the grocery store to run up a bill on healthy foods. The very next discovery however is that one has to get really creative with how to fill the gaps of flavor. Your new diet of choice has taken all of your favorite things and put them in "off limits" category.
Rest assured, an all-time favorite is here to stay. Good ole' chocolate.
We dove into the Mixy catalog to find a few products from our brand partners that will satisfy your chocolate fix and keep you on track.

Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet? The premise is that you are meant to eat like a caveman. Whatever someone from the Paleolithic era would partake of, your body wants the same. Lean meats, eggs, fruits, nuts, and the like, stables of the hunter-gathers.
How does a modern caveman find chocolate? From Caveman Foods of course.
They have a whole line of nutrition bars with dark chocolate as the lead flavor. Caveman doesn't skimp on the accompanying flavors either with Caramel Cashew, Cherry Nut, Coconut Almond, and even Sea Salt Almond. Be sure to check out all of Caveman's chocolate flavored bars and snacks.
Chocolate products from Caveman Foods

Keto / Low-Carb Diet

What is the Keto Diet? Arguably this diet has had other names in the past, but you're out to eliminate as many carbohydrates as possible from your food while increasing your fats and proteins. This may seem counterintuitive, but your body uses carbs as its first energy source of choice and, when it doesn't have those, where does it turn to? Fats. A large source of carbs is sugars (natural and not) so your favorite deserts (and even some fruits) are the first the go.
Where can you find Keto-friendly chocolate flavors? Let's have a look in the Mixy catalog at HighKey. Their whole line-up of products is keto-friendly and several are here to satiate your chocolate cravings. All the regulars are there: cookies, brownies, and brownie mixes.
Have a look at the HighKey website to see all of their chocolate Keto-friendly products.
Keto-friendly Chocolate Products from HighKey

Ready to give these products a try?
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Plant-based Diet

What is a plant-based diet? Those on a plant-base diet focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes to fill their diet. Though this may seem self-explanatory diet of the group, some who follow it will still partake of animal, fish, and dairy byproducts while others not.
What's a plant-diet friendly source of the ever-so-important chocolate taste? For this, we turn to KOS and their line of plant-based powders and blends. You already know you need to end your workout with some protein intake. Why not make it your chocolate intake as well?
KOS has several chocolate flavored powders and blends to enjoy.
Plant-based Chocolate Products from KOS

Gluten-free Diet

What is a gluten-free diet? Those on a gluten diet may not be on it by choice. Gluten is a protein however it's not found where we'd typically find proteins (i.e. meats and eggs). We find gluten in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye and for some a gluten-free diet is a must.
Where does the gluten-free dieter get her fill of chocolate? Sharpen your sweet tooth and brush off your baking skills for this one as we dive into the Mixy catalog to have a look at Renewal Mill. Their upcycled chocolate brownie mixes are sure to hit the spot (and it will also work for a vegan diet, too).
Not a baker? No worries as they've also got individually packaged chocolate chip (and guilty-free) cookies ready to go.
Gluten-free Chocolate Products from Renewal Mill
The Mixy catalog has hundreds of products ready for your to try (and save money on). What is Mixy? We provide great deals on a bundle of $20 gift cards across amazing brands. Claim your cards today and start mixing it up!
Daniel Dixon

Daniel Dixon