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We drive motivated customers to your DTC channel.

Mixy is brand-centric marketing that motivates new customers to discover and shop your DTC. Never pay for clicks that don't convert. Never fight competitors for placement.

High LTV Customers with No Adspend.

Acquire new customers with no adspend and no costs from us. Paying for clicks is only becoming more expensive, and web users detest your ads interrupting their social scrolling.

  • Acquire customers on your DTC with no risk

    There are no costs from Mixy. In fact, we help protect your margins. The Mixy team came from successful brands and has been in your shoes.

  • Gain customers with high AOV and LTV

    We drive qualified customers to your DTC channel and reward them for buying. These customers chose your brand, are ready to purchase, and then purchase again.

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Motivated Traffic on your DTC & Social.

You know the value of a customer shopping on your brand's online store. That is real customer data you can not get from marketplace channels, and that's a real brand-customer relationship started. On Mixy, people have every opportunity to discover your brand through its site and social accounts.

  • Real customers discovering your brand

    With Mixy, customers have five $20 bills burning a hole in their pockets. They are ready to spend and out to discover your brand in the Mixy catalog.

  • Built-in fraud prevention

    Mixy was built to motivate great customers, not fraudsters. Our technology takes advantage of the latest encryption and fraud prevention techniques to ensure real transactions.

Acquisition at a fraction of the cost.

Compare the average CAC of a Mixy-driven conversion with that of adspend on traditional channels.

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